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Quality landscape maintenance and installation

Make your home or business property beautiful with landscaping that is installed properly,efficiently and is affordable then bgls can provide the best care for your investment using the best products available and a great water management system.


Our concrete and masonary is backed with 25 years experence and is done with detail and precision,,pavers, retaining walls, driveways and sidewalks. Cementless block walls are also available.

   Irrigation systems

IWe install irrigation systems for all your needs, standerd pop up style heads,sub-surface irrigating and drip systems using quality parts by Hunter and Rain Bird. All systems are installed with schedule 40 PVC piping, trenches are flooded and compacted,wire connections are water proof and come with a 2 year warrenty.

 Sprinkler Repair

Do you have problems with your sprinkler system ? such as sprinkler heads that do not cover properly,low pressure, stations that do not come on,leaks,controller does not function properly or maybe you just want to up date the hole system without having to buy a new sprinkler system then bgls is the place to call for all your repair needs. All replaced parts and workmenship are warrentied and we offer senior discounts.


Excess water that gathers against your house or in your yard can cause problems like mold, root rot on trees and plants plus attract mosquito's in hotter months. bgls can solve your drainage problems no matter how small or big.

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